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Radisson Hotel, Waikiki, Hawaii

January 13-18, 2002

Notice to all participants: The ISBCA has been rescheduled for the week of January 13-18, 2002, at the same hotel and venue as had been planned for September.

The Organizing Committee expresses its gratitude for the patience and understanding of all participants.

Each participant must notify the hotel again, and make new reserviations for the new meeting dates. All previous reservations have been cancelled (Hotel toll free 1-888-557-4422, direct 1-808-922-0811). All registered attendees will also be notified by email of the rescheduling.

The Organizing Committee sends its best regards and thanks to everyone for their assistance and understanding during this time. Please plan to come in January, and enjoy an excellent meeting at a wonderful location.

General Information about the Symposium
A Word From the Organizers
Additional Contact Sources
Symposium Program Information
Registration Information, and Registration Forms
Optional Wednesday Tour Information and Registration Forms
Hotel Information and Reservation Form

We still have some registration slots available. Dr. Van Driesche will be accepting registrations until November 30, 2001. We currently have approximately 150 registrants for the meeting, and there is room for additional participants or attendees.

General Information about the Symposium
The documents making up this page can be viewed with Internet Explorer 5 and through Netscape versions 4 or 6. The recent version (6) of Netscape does NOT allow for downloading any Adobe files, including the registration files on this web page. I have contacted Netscape about this, and there is no fix in sight at the moment. Internet Explorer (free from Microsoft) and Netscape 4.x (free from Netscape) are able to download the forms and print them. If you require registration forms for the meeting and the hotel, and cannot download them from this site, email
Tom Bellows a note about what you need and he will send the forms to you via email. Any problems with the site can also be sent to him via the same email address.

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Much of the information about the symposium is located on this site. We hope that you will take the time to read A Word From the Organizers. This short document gives the background and the hoped-for objectives of this meeting!

All the registration forms, and the draft meeting program, can be downloaded for printing using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can obtain the current version of this Acrobat Reader by pressing the following icon, and following the instructions on the subsequent three pages at that site.

We have included information here for the meeting location, format, draft program, optional tour, cost of accomodation, cost of registration, hotel and meeting registration documents, and contact information for persons presenting a paper or who wish to present a poster. If you cannot find the information you need, contact Dr. Van Driesche or the appropriate person in the lists linked below.

General Information:
Dr. Roy Van Driesche
Department of Entomology
Fernald Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA, 01003
Phone: 011-1- 413-545-1061

Further contact information regarding speakers, abstracts, and posters is listed at the following link Additional Contact Sources

Each participant must register separately for (1)the meeting, (2) for the optional Wednesday tours, and (3)make reservations for the Hotel! See links above for relevant information.

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